Working with Volunteers

Heritage gardens are increasingly encouraging volunteers to work alongside permanent staff in an attempt to maintain and improve standards. Training is important in maintaining a healthy dynamic, rewarding and motivating everyone involved. My training programmes draw on my long experience, both as a volunteer and professional facilitator.

Since 2015 I have helped develop the Friends of Brunswick Square regular volunteer group, running a series of workshops and practical sessions. In 2017 we entirely renovated the square’s northwest border using over 300 new plants, which are now becoming established through the group’s work.

The ‘dry garden’ at Valentines Park in Ilford acted as a focus for HM The Queen’s visit at the start of her Diamond Jubilee Tour and remains as a permanent record of her visit. The design was the result of a successful collaboration between Simon Litt, the park’s manager, artist Fiona Heron, whose sculpture forms an integral part of the new garden, and me providing the detailed planting plans. I worked with both volunteers and park staff to carry out the planting.