Historical Research and Application

In 2016 I led work on a report for the owners of a large productive garden in a Brownian Park in Warwickshire. Walled garden specialist Susan Campbell, Warwickshire garden historian Dr Christine Hodgetts, and I produced a report outlining the garden’s history and making proposals for the its restoration.

In 2014 I led a Heritage Lottery funded community project charting the physical, social and cultural changes experienced by a suburban Anglican parish during the century of its existence. Working with volunteers to collect memories, carry out archival research and liaise with local schools, it drew different sections of the community together and resulted in a well received and professionally produced booklet.  

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In 2012 at Plas Newydd, the 18th century Grade II* Picturesque landscape of the Ladies of Llangollen, I reviewed the Heritage Lottery funded restoration proposals and outcomes at the end of their term. The resulting five year management plan, which I wrote with non-specialists in mind, was carefully aligned with Green Flag Award objectives.

I appear in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? (about Sophie Raworth), which BBC TV aired in March 2017.